1 Bedroom Apartment Joy 2

1 Bedroom Apartment Joy 2

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This apartment type is no longer part of the 102 The Address residential offer

Home is the perfect place to enjoy peace and comfort in a stylish way.
Your lifestyle gives color to every room, and, together with the premium finishes create an enjoyable and perfect environment for spending your time.
You have 218 two-bedroom apartments, divided into 17 different types.
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Apartment’s built surface


Balcony’s built surface


Total built surface

Room type Usable surface
01. Living room 21,73 m2
02. Kitchen 6,51 m2
03. Bedroom 12,10 m2
04. Bathroom 4,32 m2
Apartment’s usable surface 44,66 m2
05. Logy 3,91 m2
Apartment’s total surface 48,57 m2

Note: Render images with apartments are for presentation and changes may occur. The furniture is exclusively for presentation, and is not included in the offer.

Etaj Nr. Apartament Disponibilitate
1st Floor B1 Sold
1st Floor C1 Sold
1st Floor D1 Sold
1st Floor E1 Sold
2nd Floor B11 Sold
2nd Floor C7 Sold
2nd Floor D7 Sold
2nd Floor E10 Sold
3rd Floor B21 Sold
3rd Floor C13 Sold
3rd Floor D13 Sold
3rd Floor E19 Sold
4th Floor B31 Sold
4th Floor C19 Sold
4th Floor D19 Sold
4th Floor E28 Sold
5th Floor B41 Sold
5th Floor C25 Sold
5th Floor D25 Sold
5th Floor E35 Sold
6th Floor B51 Sold
6th Floor C31 Sold
6th Floor D31 Sold
6th Floor E42 Sold
7th Floor B61 Sold
7th Floor D37 Sold
7th Floor E49 Sold
8th Floor B71 Sold
8th Floor D43 Sold
8th Floor E56 Sold
9h Floor B81 Sold
9h Floor D49 Sold
9h Floor E63 Sold