1 Bedroom Apartment type Joy 3

1 Bedroom Apartment type Joy 3

It’s already home for somebody

This apartment type is no longer part of the 102 The Address residential offer

Away from office hustle and daytime crowd, home is the place where peace and comfort define your mood.
And because lifestyle lies in every corner of the house, we offer you 218 two-bedroom apartments, divided into 17 different types. Generous spaces of up to 77m2 give you the possibility to act freely. Terraces overlooking sunset or sunrise are the ideal place to start your day in a positive tone.

Apartment’s built surface


Balcony’s built surface


Total built surface

Price from
€ + TVA

We offer:

  • Parking spaces at the price of 18,000 € + VAT / seat.
  • Basement storage units at the price of 7,000 € + VAT/m2.
Room type Usable surface
01. Entrance hall 4,00 m2
02. Living room 22,37 m2
03. Kitchen 7,07 m2
04. Corridor 3,48 m2
05. Bedroom 18,15 m2
06. Bathroom 4,77 m2
Apartment’s usable surface 59,84 m2
07. Logy 4,82 m2
Apartment’s total surface 64,66 m2

Note: Render images with apartments are for presentation and changes may occur. The furniture is exclusively for presentation, and is not included in the offer.

Etaj Nr. Apartament Disponibilitate
1st Floor B10 Sold
1st Floor C2 Sold
1st Floor C6 Sold
1st Floor D2 Sold
1st Floor D6 Sold
1st Floor E2 Sold
2nd Floor B20 Sold
2nd Floor C8 Sold
2nd Floor C12 Sold
2nd Floor D8 Sold
2nd Floor D12 Sold
2nd Floor E11 Sold
3rd Floor B30 Sold
3rd Floor C14 Sold
3rd Floor C18 Sold
3rd Floor D14 Sold
3rd Floor D18 Sold
3rd Floor E20 Sold
4th Floor B40 Sold
4th Floor C20 Sold
4th Floor C24 Sold
4th Floor D20 Sold
4th Floor D24 Sold
4th Floor E29 Sold
5th Floor B50 Sold
5th Floor C26 Sold
5th Floor C30 Sold
5th Floor D26 Sold
5th Floor D30 Sold
5th Floor E36 Sold
6th Floor B60 Sold
6th Floor C32 Sold
6th Floor C36 Sold
6th Floor D32 Sold
6th Floor D36 Sold
6th Floor E43 Sold