What funding options do I have?

You get financing with minimal effort without need to go to multiple banks or ‘n’ queries to the Credit Bureau, without additional costs for individuals and as soon as possible.

We have concluded the most advantageous financial partnership for you to buy your home from 102 The Address with KIWI Finance, number 1 credit broker in Romania.

Advance: 15%

Interest rate: 4,28%

Credit Period: 30 years


Which credit options are available at this time?

The Mortgage Verde credit offered during a promotional campaign valid between March and August 2018 is intended for the purchase of a completed or under construction dwelling after January 1, 2000, classified as energy efficiency class A or B +.

Standard mortgage. KIWI Finance has a portofolio that includes several types of standard mortgages: the lowest-priced loans at this time, fast-crediting loans, free life loans, loans with the highest possible amount, or even credits that cover 100% of the purchase need.

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